Thursday, July 16, 2015

  Recent discovery of the chemical elements.

  The unknowns are numbers 72-75 and 108-111.

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  1. Probably James Chadwick made the mistake of measuring the charges of the nuclei of atoms.
    Not exactly an error in the measurements, and that he agreed with the periodic table and the result was treated as a charge equal to 78, as shown in Table 77.6 nucleus for platinum.
    result 29,3- longer true 0.3 was obtained for copper, 46.3 for silver has less true at 0.7, and for platinum is less than the "true" only 0.6. Reduction of protons associated with each other shielding measurements. Therefore platinum charge 78 results had to be obtained is less, or in other words at the atomic nucleus charge of platinum over 78 and 82 is equal.
    We construct a model of the atomic nucleus. We know that protons and neutrons are in the nucleus. In each subsequent element over a proton, and a few neutrons. Why? The volume is growing faster than the surface. When alpha rays are emitted from the nucleus of a helium nucleus approximately equal energies. By placing the nucleus of a helium atom on the surface of the nucleus, we obtain with some accuracy, that the rest of the neutrons are inside yadra.I question and whether and when it is inside a proton nucleus. According to the Law and the Mendeleev Brook rules, as well as the resulting core model designed physical table of the elements.
    In this table, platinum is No. 82. Protons start placed inside the core 72 to the element 75. Not yet open elements.
    The table filled with all the cells. Do not Mendeleev table, and complex chemical structure. Lanthanides and actinides, which must be positioned vertically according to their chemical properties, as "home" located under the table horizontally. Periodic law is not only in chemistry but also in physics
    Please repeat the experience of James Chadwick to measure the charge of the nucleus of an atom of platinum. The charges of the nuclei of copper and silver can not be questioned. But according to this table of elements built according to the law of Mendeleev and the rule of van Broek since charges hafnium nuclei can be 4 units more than made today at the same weight. To set the conditions at the plant, probably important to know the true charge of the uranium nucleus.